ten on tuesday 11.12.13

- what a fun date!
- i hate the darkness already. :(
- i miss my fitbit. but i don't think it would make me walk any more... just feels weird not knowing how many steps i've taken...
- thank you to the two people that admit they read this. hi carrie and tracy!
- having an online thirty one party. if you're intersested, let me know. it closes this week.
- heard someone say that 50 degrees in indiana is different than 50 degrees in tennessee. do you think that one pound of rocks is heavier than one pound of feathers too?
- i hate the new calendar with the iphone update. 
- got a new purse. ben noticed. is that strange?
- thinking wine is on the dinner menu for tonight. maybe with some popcorn. it's been a doozy at work.
- amelia is four months old tomorrow! hopefully, her update won't be too far off. yay for the daily postings to catch up!

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TracyDacy said...

Hi Backat ya Shannon!