wip 11.2.13

hung out with monkey butt. she is sooo close to rolling over!

not the most attractive or flattering pictures... trying to capture how she has earned the nickname 'bubbles!'

got lots of cleaning done and had peapod deliver.

she loves sophie. so cute that she is figuring it out.

why did you take her mom? give her back!

mah! i love you sophie!

good night.
she always covers her face with her blanket. always.

nick had a volleyball tournament. the plan was for us to head out there in the afternoon so ben could watch him play. however, they lost and were out much sooner than we anticipated.

our timing was all whackadoodle. so ben, amelia, and i headed to a birthday party and nick got home a bit after and was able to enjoy some peace and quiet.

ben love the batman jumpie.

then he found the air hockey table. could not get him to leave.

group photo. happy birthday isabella.

someone found a new friend. he was playing subway surfers which has piqued ben's interest in playing that on his phone again.

came home and watched monster's university. nick had been patiently waiting to watch it!

nick went to work. my kid lost his pj bottoms. oh well, at least he was doing some activity books. 

tried putting his pants on. had em backwards. couldn't help myself.

check out this cutie pie!

so beautiful outside. we enjoyed some fresh air.

we actually have leave producing trees! hi house! ben wanted to go on a walk. he took the bubble wand and fending off bad guys along the way. ;)

chalk fun.

amelia is clearly entertained with our shenanigans.

love how chalky he always gets.

headed out again in the evening. ben and i played frisbee. couldn't help myself and had to go get nick when ben's throw ended up in the tree. just like his daddy!

we had a frisbee throwing contest. i usually one. until nick brought out the disc golf discs. then he won and almost hit our neighbor's house.

i came in to cook and the boys did some raking.

it got dark. quick. it caught nick off guard, hence the darker picture.

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