amelia marie: three months.

ben's three month post.

- sleeps for about 8 hours at night. yes, she's amazing. {and does so much better swaddled.}
- is the cutest talker.
- kicks her legs constantly.
- hates being swaddled and is so good at wiggling herself out.
- still taking about 4 ounces every 3-4 hours during the day.
- is in 0-3 month clothing but is so close to needing to be moved up a size.
- likes to be sitting up. not so much standing, yet.
- cannot keep her hands out of her mouth. preferably her thumb. wakes herself up from naps because she can't keep them out of her face!
- likes to have her feet curled up towards her tummy. 
- is working on earning the nickname 'bubbles'. she blows them like crazy.


trying to escape. she remembered her plan from last month, i think. 

aw, miss chubs. so cute. 

checking out kitty. 

check out that thigh chub. love it. and this is her preferred position. well, even with the legs curled in more. oh and with her left hand in her mouth ;)

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