wip 10.19.13

ran errands during the day while my mom stayed with amelia.
we watched nick's sister's kids that evening. made our own pizzas. they got to pick the toppings of their choice.

someone was falling asleep watching us. i guess we are pretty entertaining. poor thing. don't worry. i took her out immediately after taking this picture.

the kids were great. couldn't believe that noah ate like four pieces of pizza. they had a fun time playing after dinner. coloring and watching the croods is a perfect way to spend the evening, right?

yum. was a long week. this helped a bit.

nick took amelia upstairs and i stayed downstairs with the kids. didn't take too long for them to fall asleep. just had to each have their own pillow and own blanket. sharing wasn't happening!

lazy morning.

nick had to go to work in the afternoon and the kids and i just took it easy.  so easy that i took like no photos!

another rest day. i think we forgot to do with ourselves when nick is available. had been so crazy for so long!  it's nice to just chill.

someone helped me pass a level on candy crush. (he's helped twice. and i'm thinking of enlisting him for this *#&$% level that i've been stuck on forever. 305 sucks.)

trying to help hold her bottle. she's such a big girl!

so cute when she sleeps. on the side with that thumb in her mouth.

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