halloween 2013

ben picked our theme this year. i asked right after we had gone to the renaissance fair with the coopers. i guess i should have known that he would have picked knights and princesses.

ignore nick's crazy arm. it's the best one.

the princesses.

family photo.

the edited, instagram version.

our cute knight. he picked the costume. not sure where his breast plate was. i believe it got left at school. oh well. he's still cute. the problem was taking both swords that the costume came with and the shield and the arm guard.

miss amelia. she insisted on pulling her skirt up. i think we're in trouble. ;)

beans and bug.

my mom stayed home with amelia and my dad. dad passed out candy and mom was in charge of melie!

the weather wasn't too bad. maybe in the 50s and the rain started after we had been out for a while. really glad that our town didn't cancel and reschedule like a neighboring town did.

ben was a champ this year. was super good about saying trick or treat and thank you. and was very independent. unless he couldn't reach a doorbell! at one point he even told me that he wasn't going home until his bag was full!

look. we found a wynnie. ran into her big sister braiden too. just don't have photographic evidence.

yum. one of my favorites.

came home and enjoyed the reubens that i had in the crock pot all day. so good. nick's request. happy to oblige.

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