wip 10.5.13

home with miss amelia. val came to visit and bring by the stuff that didn't sell in her garage sale. did lots of cleaning. {why does a clean house make me so much happier?!}

picked up greek's pizza {the garlic knots were amazing and the pizza was pretty tasty too!}then headed to the 49er. last show of the season. saw cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 and percy jackson

was so crazy. ben asked about harry johnson {percy jackson} right when the movie started. nick and i were like, 'wha?' then a few moments in to the movie, a character in the movie, refers to percy as harry johnson! seriously. we were freaked by the coincidence!

costco trip. it had been ages. like before amelia was born. 
ben loves the samples. i think amelia is patiently waiting for her turn! ;)

he really liked this sample. can you tell by the yogurt on his nose?

she was totally excited. all the excitement wore her out!

i have no clue what we are watching. 

but a little boy asked to have a picnic dinner, so we did. 

had a frisbee golf date with the coopers. 
stopped at starbucks to try some fancy drinks: mocha frapp?, butter beer and smores?
i'm pretty sure the barrista hated us. 

got to our usual location for golf, and found out that there was a tournament that day. no disc golfing for us.

decided to try to run to valpo and do their course. was a little iffy with the cooper's baby sitter. nick's mom, who was watching our kids, was agreeable to watching braiden and wynnie if we didn't make it back in time.  yay!

was kind of an ugly day. but was good to be outside enjoying mother nature and good company.

they had cute little hooks for your bag. so nice to not have to put them on the soggy ground. and jason enjoyed not worrying about spiders scurrying into his bag!

this is the first hole/basket. you have to throw over the lake. well, you don't have to. chris and i opted to throw around the lake. nick was super confident. took the first throw. the disc was so close to making it. hit those trees on the right side and the disc plopped right into the muck! chris and i could not stop laughing. nick was not so amused! he had joked about using his floating disc and at the last minute decided against it. silly boy!

he was going in after it.
ew. no way. never. you would have to pay me lots. i hate that yuck between my toes. and not being able to see down there. ew. no way.

gotta love removeable pant legs!

here he goes. yes, he did try with a large branch first.


he was so happy!

i'm not sure where he thinks he is going. he should be throwing it from where he retrieved it! rules are rules!

jason helped him with a giant stick for balance. he's so thoughtful!

look at how yucky! no way!

the rest of the day wasn't nearly as eventful!

chris and i did end up near each other on almost every throw!

trees are bag holders.

can you see it?

i'm throwing where? over there? really? are you sure?

action shot. not the most flattering. ah, whatever.

jason lost his disc. he throws ridiculously far. like it's unbelievable. the rule is that two of us are usually spotters down towards the basket/hole. he cheated and threw without us being there. took us forever to find the damn disc! and nick was attacked by burrs.

turned out to be a beautous day!

yup. chris and i landed near one another again. it was freakish.

jason, unlike nick, would play his disc where it lied. even if it meant getting uncomfortable with a tree.

seriously. so gorgeous.

i was attacked by burrs too!

a pretty cool looking tree.

a tree bridge!

group photo.

and then my phone died. not sure what the heck happened. probably a good thing because there would be a gazillion more photos to share!

chris had a terrible throw and ended up in the marsh!

ended up finishing the course in decent time considering that nick played in the dirty, nasty swamp/lake and that jason had two throws that had rogue discs. we probably spent 45-60 minutes just looking for his discs those two times.

hurried home and had to head out to visit with our friend that was visiting from california.
came home to chaos at the house. not sure what we expected with braiden, wynnie, and ben!

was nice to visit with rob, chie, and natalie. the kids got along so well. ran around the room and played hide and seek. so cute. 

the boys. love that tom makes henry look so dang little. ;) not sure why jas and nick couldn't have cooperated and posed nicely. sigh. 

busy weekend. but good busy!

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