kregel's pumpkin patch field trip: 10.16.13

again, so thankful that my job is flexible and i could spend the day with my lil man.

it was cold. and windy. and a bit rainy. boo! but we were going to make the best of it. ;)

texted daddy this one as we left school.

we made it. after the bus driver got a bit lost. seriously, how do they not know where they are going? 

first stop, feeding goats. 

then it was time for the kiddy maze. seriously, i think he could have spent the entire day in it. i, however, would not have been happy yelling walk for the entire day! ;-P

hopped on the tractor ride to pick some pumpkins. ben was obsessed with the straw.

apparently, it's a silly face kind of day.

more straw.

hooray! pumpkin patch!

was hard work picking out two perfect pumpkins.
he was exhausted when we made it back on to the tractor!

told you he was obsessed with the darn straw.

he can't even put it down for a quick picture.

there. that's better!

mom, mom, how tall am i?

back to that darn kiddy maze.

he asked for a train ride around. of course, love.

here they come!

after the train ride he was done. didn't want to ride the pony. which is usually a favorite of his. saved me $5. i was fine with it! he just wanted to spend the rest of our time playing in the maze.

time to head back. he wanted a ring pop. sure, why not?!

totally lovely, right?

asked him to show me the ring pop. apparently, he had to do so 'sleeping.'

'hey mom. is my tongue blue? take a picture so i can see.'

'hey mom. are my teeth blue? take a picture so i can see.'

he almost fell asleep like this. 

ah, crazy hair!

had to run a few errands after we got back. then it was naptime. my mom watched amelia so ben and i could nap together... like old times! i slept longer than he did!

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