amelia marie: two months.

god. i'm a terrible mother. her two month post when she's nearly four months old. gulp.
at least i'm writing it down, right?

ben's two month post.

- 12 pounds 9 ounces and 22.5 inches.
- eating about 24 ounces a day. will sleep for about a 6 hour stretch at night.
- is the calmest baby. seriously, so darn chill. unless she's hungry. but i totally get that! :)
- still in 0-3 month clothing and wearing size one diapers.
- isn't the best napper. fights sleep like her brother did.
- still loves the swing.
- hates socks. she takes after her mom, what can i say? she usually has them off about 5 minutes after you put them on!
- gives the cutest little smiles.
- is a back sleeper. i know that's what she is supposed to do... ben hated it. would only sleep on his stomach. this girl hates being on her stomach. makes tummy time super fun. ;)
- tolerated her first set of shots extremely well. was a little warm and fussy but nothing too terrible.
- the pediatrician asked if she was always this calm. she just watched him examine her. {ben is pretty good with the doctor too. we are lucky.}

and some pictures.

she's plotting her escape, i know it.

do you think i can fit this fist in my mouth?
{look at that arm chubs. ack. i love chubby babies.}

not the best but oh well.

hey mr. polkie man. 

on her changing table with her super cool gift from my girlfriend.

her first war wounds. she was not happy after the shots. was my first time holding the baby when they got their shots. that was nick's job with ben.

she really was okay when we got home. i know she looks straight jacket-ed or something. i promise, it's really a smile. 

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