wip 10.26.13

had a busy morning. yay for retired grandmas! went to a derm appointment. then had an oil change. then did my grocery shopping. (i think this crazy day rekindled my love for peapod.)

headed to dinner at a local sushi restaurant. i ate sushi. tried a bunch. that's major for me! no pictures. wasn't the most appetizing plate of food. oh well!

laughed a lot at dinner. poo-pourri and dubstep cat.  {they are both youtube videos.}

boo at the zoo with the roldans. steph always has brunch for us and the kidlets before we go. so cool that they're so close to the zoo. 

only missing a few photographers! and bill and the girls who came later.

the kids were all really good. ben loves dolphins. {even the football team!}

a dolphin penny.

miss amelia just chilled in the stroller.

love that he's up for taking these silly pictures now. i believe he even asked for this one!

not sure who decided to hold hands but so cute that they did it.

monkey house.

steph snapped this while they hung back with the babies.

we couldn't get ben to use the stroller when he was the only child. of course, now he's obsessed with the darn thing. so grateful for girl friends who share theirs with us. not sure why we didn't think to take it with us. oh wait, because ben hates strollers. that's why!

family photo. someone was so thirsty that the lemonade couldn't wait one second!

got home at a decent hour. we were all pretty tired. ben wanted to snuggle and requested i take this picture of him and his sister.

nick went frisbee golfing with the boys. i stayed home with ben and amelia. 
attacked little miss amelia's closet. i didn't want to see another hanger after that morning. 

she kept me company while i organized. so did this cute little giraffe that john, bill, and the girls bought her when she was born.

we did lots of coloring. and learning. and fighting bad guys.

she did lots of tummy time. still not her favorite. she's getting better though!

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