wip 9.21.13

new bike at trek. yippee! the lime was killing me on bike rides with nick. i couldn't keep up. the auto shifting was impossible.

after the purchase, ben and nick played on the hill outside the store. was pretty funny watching ben and nick fall and roll down it. ;)

was a gorgeous evening. loved the sunset.

went to watch pain and gain and nick and i both passed out.

took my bike out for a spin. had to come home quickly because nick had to head to work.

made up a new game for ben. threw a bunch of random items in an empty wipe container and he had to say what it was before he could pull it out. he cheated, a lot. 

then he was super helpful and thought he would help his sister with her tummy time.

kinda caught her laugh/smile!

i have no clue. 

that evening we headed to a dance party at the cooper's. complete with dj and light show!
pardon the not so fabulous pictures. they were all taken with a baby in my arms.

passing out glow stuffs. robin had some cool balloons!

ben is ready to go. 

the dancing little people!

light show!

look closely, there's a ben in this one. 

home girl slept for most of it. she's a champ!

headed home with her and the boys stayed a bit later. it was cold. and she was hungry and deserved a real bed. ;)

got up early to play some disc golf.
was a beautiful day. 

this was a tricky one. you can see the basket straight ahead. if only i could throw my discs straight! 

action shot.

yes, these are both my throws. told you i'm not very good. but it's fun! 

i want to be reincarnated as a woodland creature. or a fairy. this was so pretty. picture doesn't do it justice. 

i had told nick about a basket i saw somewhere.... instagram? told me the white course had a bathtub. had to do this one! and they made me play it where it lied....

so pretty.

i found a disc! i never do. was so excited. 

came home and hung out and watched football.
i made a super tasty risotto. not sure where the recipe is. bummer too. was so good! 

i'm classy. i drink my wine out of a mason jar. 

nick... not so classy! ;P

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