wip 9.7.13

took nick's car to ford for him. we/he cracked one of the back seats. took it in to get fixed and found out we were two weeks over the warranty. boo!

nick was stuck at work late. once he got home, we had a lazy evening in. watched epic. {that's not what is pictured. but it was too cute not to share!}

forts and video games and just hanging out. nick didn't have to go to work. first time in ages! so we took full advantage.

that evening gigi came to babysit so we could have a grown up date at the drive in. saw riddick and kick ass two. well, nick saw them. i saw the first half of riddick and then watched my eyelids. :-)

and i took absolutely no pictures! gasp! 

had a date to play frisbee golf with the coopers. gigi left and grandma bear came over to watch the kids.

our friends bought a house that's right next to lemon lake. yay for free parking! ;)

snapped this on our walk from their house to our first hole.


so pretty. not jason. the trees. i think the scenery is one of my favorite parts. love trees. <3

do you see my disc? it was hiding.

thankfully, it wasn't hiding where jason's was...

he only had one leech on him! yay for nick taking pictures of mr. cooper in the yuck. 

came home and had some family time while watching football. ben asked to take a nap downstairs. we normally do not oblige. but he swore he would nap in the tent that gibi and jerbear made for him. shockingly, he did.

someone asked to have his picture taking with baby, again. {i will always say yes to that request.}

nick finally finished ben's baby blanket. 

kitty doesn't want me to fold laundry.

the boys had a pig war. these toys are hilarious. thought they were a lame gift ben got for something, but they actually work pretty well.

i'm pretty sure that ben was yelling at nick for hitting him in the face or something. so funny when he tries to parent the parents!


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