wip 8.31.13 - labor day weekend

mom and son dentist appointments. then errands. got ben some new kicks and took lunch to nick at work.



hiding after lunch at nick's work...

ben almost fell asleep in his cocoon! 

love our naps together. yay for grandma who spent time with melie! 

nick worked late, again. so it was mommy and kids time. 

went to bed early because we had an adventure planned for saturday.

rennaissance faire with the coopers. 

we drove through a monsoon to get there. but we made it and the weather was perfect!

one of little miss cutie pie when we stopped at a rest stop. so chubs. so cute.

the kids on a swing. had to do a ride first.

time for archery. i think the big kids had more fun.

hanging out in the play area.

watching the jousting.

someone passed out while we watched the fire whip guy. was pretty entertaining! poor ben missed it!

jacob's ladder fun.

nick even tried. not sure why i don't have a picture of it. i don't have any pictures of him throwing the tomatoes at the heckler either, i suck.

we're done. ready to go and the kids are enjoying their swords. we took ben's from last year and bought miss wynnie one for her birthday. we technically don't exchange gifts. we go on adventures with the coopers instead. however, wynn insisted on buying ben this giant kitana sword for his birthday, so it was only fair that we returned the favor. apparently, swords do not count as birthday presents.

miss braiden showing off her tiara and the knights with their swords.

refreshment time before we hit the road.

made a stop for some starbucks on the way home. then nick got food. then baby had to eat. then baby pooped twice. i swear we were in the damn rest stop for like an hour! the joys of mini car trip adventures with a baby!

go figure. amelia slept in. i got up with ben and daddy and baby slept.

came downstairs to this. apparently, someone had plenty of time to hide while i went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth!

nick went to his pay league fantasy football draft and i took the kids to my parents. my brother was awesome and entertained ben in the pool. hadn't technically been cleared to hang out in the water... ben loved it!

then uncle kevin snuggled up to baby amelia. ;)

labor day parade. 
i didn't take many pictures. thinking it's a good thing that i'm slowing down on the picture taking or these wip would be a nightmare. 

baby chillaxin.

ben patiently waiting for the parade to start. 

he asks all the time to take a picture with his baby sister. so cute. so hard to get a cute one. one of them usually has a crazy face. ;) these are three of the five i took. notice that if baby isn't cooperating then it's ben's turn...

nick took melia duty while i hung with ben. i guess he even changed a diaper while she sat in his lap. earned lots of praise for val!

after parade, nick went and played frisbee golf with his dad and uncle. the kids and i went home and slept! it was a long weekend!

the boys worked on ben's homework in the evening. he had to make a photo collage of his family. nick totally had to help, my ocd would have prevented it from being 'ben's' project!

the final project.

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