wip 8.24.13

ran errands. when i got home i attacked my side of our closet. yay for mom's who babysit so i can get stuff done before i have to go back to work.

snapped this pic... loves her swing. looks so darn uncomfortable!

nick and ben went to karate with the coopers. i worked on updating our address book.

when nick and ben got home, nick had to go to work. finally came home and got a call and had to turn around and go right back out. sucked.

so i took the kids on a bike/walk and then we, or ben, played in the sprinklers. 

i'm pretty sure she was jealous! ;)

beans decided he was too grassy to go inside. 

when nick came home for the second time, he brought home thai food. was pretty tasty!

nick and ben went disc golfing. the girls went through amelia's bedroom.

was quite impressed that nick too as many photos as he did. yay!

then the grown ups headed out to see the world's end. totally makes me want to go on a pub crawl!

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