30 days of thankful.

you're supposed to put what you're thankful for each day. i'm cheating and posting a few of them early. sue me. and some of them are pretty shallow. oh well, they all can't be earth shattering!

thinking thanksgiving is an appropriate time to post.

1. fridays off.
2. a fabulous group of friends.
3. lazy sundays to watch football and play outside.
4. my mom. her babysitting, support, and friendship.
5. a silly little boy who keeps me on my toes.
6. a healthy baby girl who finally rolled over.
7. caffeine. my coworkers enjoyed a super caffeinated shan today. coke and coffee before 10am!
8. pedicures.
9. laughter.
10. back rubs from cute boys.
11.  our veterans and freedom.
12. good health.
13. bubble baths.
14. amazingly supportive coworkers.
15. loving hugs from my husband.
16. quality time with friends i don't get to see often enough.
17. a roof over my head.
18. a positive meeting with ben's teacher.
19. discount haircuts in our home.
20. only having one car payment!
21. a heated mattress pad.
22. girl's night dinner dates with impromptu shopping trips after.
23. a great extended family.
24. technology. makes it so much easier to stay in touch. ;)
25. patients and a job that teach me how important it is to value every day.
26. christmas bonuses.
27. light work days and pot lucks!
28. my husband and my children. they are my world.
29. days off with my loves.
30. date night with a man who i love more than ever. twenty years laters and lots of ups and downs but there's no one i would rather have by my side.

and then i saw this. and it's so true. sorry. no source.

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