wip 9.28.13

ran some errands during the day. got to give miss cutie a bath before my mom got here. pretty sure there are pics of ben in the same towel. that's why i snapped the pictures. hopefully, i can find them and we can compare, someday...

all prettied up with her new headband and flower! 

nick's mom and aunt and cousin came to visit. nick grilled some super yummy dinner. recipes in an upcoming post. ;)
there was lots of wine and lots of laughs. 

i was up early with miss amelia. nick headed to work.

ben and i played zingo. and played some more zingo. and then some more zingo. ;)

and we colored. 

and then played the sneaky, snacky squirrel.

she watched. 

no, i didn't plan on them both wearing yellow.

love that it looks like she going to whack him with sophie!

texted nick that there was a butterbeer frapp at starbucks. he stopped on the way home and brought us both one! 

indy trip. dan and kristen and the kids were in from switzerland.

gloomy day but yay wind farm!

 ben loved playing air hockey. {nick has since cleaned off our table and he and ben play every now and then.}

family photo op! {stolen from facebook. thank you bryan!}

they were so cute together. so cute!

an amazing sunset. not the best picture but it was so pretty. 

there was a car seat incident on the way back. hilarious. ben is the best. that kid makes me laugh. amelia was a trooper. slept on the way there and the way back. yay for well traveling babies. fingers crossed it stays that way. 

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