wip 10.12.13

ran out and got a massage. was at the lady's house. was nice. except that she talked the entire time. dude, it's my quiet time. how do you tell them to stop talking? i had my eyes closed. only mumbled responses...

decided to do a last minute lunch at cooper's hawk. nick was off. might as well enjoy some grown up time. my mom watched amelia!

yes, that's candy crush next to our cheese plate!

that evening, we spent some time decorating for halloween. well, this one just watched. ;)

chalk art. 

our scary ghost. 

and a monster in the bush. he's really excited, not scared, i swear. 

nick got called out while we were outside, so the kids and i had a lazy evening of disney jr.!

nick had to go back to work.
the afternoon was just time to relax. watched despicable me 2

i got to sleep in! first time in ages. and i think i only made it to 8am. what is the world coming to?!

quick target trip. ben loved his new hat. couldn't wait to wear it. 

had a bit of time to spare before we had to head out for gigi's birthday. 
these two used it to snuggle.

uncle julio's. was chaos. just opened a new location. the kinks were not worked out. oh well, good company.

gigi and her grandchildren.

loving on his baby sister.

they will give the kids dough samples. it was a hit with all the kids. 

ben blew out gigi's candle!


such a cute picture.

headed home right after that. would usually have gone back to nick's aunt and uncle's house but it was a school night! :)

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