ben's apple orchard field trip. 9.11.13

so grateful that my work gave me the day off. i mean, i had only been back from maternity leave for two days. so lucky. 

always amazed how crazy it can be before they head out. they had all of the kids {they're usually split into two separate class rooms.} in one room. chaos.

before we left the parking lot, the bus driver hit a curb. ben immediately put his arms up and made some ridiculous comment. i think it's too much time spent on 'roller coaster' road. a bumpy road by our house. 

it was hot. hot. and kinda unorganized on the orchard's part. once things got organized we went through the main points pretty darn quickly.

ben was intrigued by the bees. 

and loved watching the apples take a bath/shower. 

apple cider time. 

 someone wanted to be mr. independent.

apple picking time. learned something ridiculous. like 40 leaves are required to make one apple. could be way off. it was a lot and it's been over a month.

they actually had apples to pick this year. ben did a great job. finally rounded everyone up and headed back on the tractor. 

time to check the animals. the three little piggies were eating watermelon. so cute. 

was so hot that after the animals, we all headed to the barn. air conditioning!

ben convinced me to buy him this super bus. 

i think he was hoping the bus driver would hit another curb. 

look at us... all hot and sweaty. super cute, right? ;)

someone couldn't even make it back to daycare before he passed out. 

after field trip special lunch at wendy's. someone loves his frosty's. 

hoping ben learns that he has to stay with his grown up soon enough. i know one day i won't be able to go with him on his field trip. makes me nervous! try to remind him every time we are out in public with a big group. stay with your grown up. i always want to say human! is that from a movie or something? ah well.

so lucky to be able to spend these times with my lil guy. i know before we know it, he'll be heading off to college! 

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