amelia marie: four months.

ben's four month post

- weighs 16.1 pounds! holy what?! and is 24.5 inches. 
- started laughing.
- mastered rolling over.
- wearing size 1 diapers. just til we run out. she should be in size 2s!
- in 3-6 month clothing.
- found her feet and loves them. like it's an obsession.
- still blows bubbles like crazy.
- taking 6oz of formula every 3-5 hours during the day.
- sleeping from 9-630 every day!
- is still a pretty chill baby.
- loves holding your thumb.
- fights napping... still.
- likes to be sitting up. i think she's nosey.
- isn't the biggest fan of standing, yet.
- has the cutest inverted squeal. is that what it's called? ugh, i suck.

miss rosy cheeks.

she tried to grab mr. bear.

hey good looking. how you doing?

weee! i'm a happy girl.

phew. i'm tired.

what chu looking at?

her innocent pose. who knew babies had so many faces?

uh, mom... a little help here!?


imma get you!


and laying with mr. polky bear. 

this is fun! mom can't catch one with my legs out. i'm fast!

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