ten on tuesday 12.3.13

- i did it! blogged every day in november. thank goodness i did that challenge or i never would have caught up!

-  got my posts out of order, chronologically, again. i suck. oh well.

- got a new coat. hooray black friday sale. it's an omni-heat from columbia and it's super warm. which is saying a lot for me. i'm always cold. can never find a good coat.

- cannot believe it is december. where has 2013 gone?

- trying to figure out how to rearrange my living room for the darn tree! all this baby stuff makes it crowded!

- i really dislike migraines. especially ones that last for 24+ hours.

- really wanting to find time to go through all of the presents i've purchased and finish up my shopping!

- looking forward to friend time this weekend.

- i want to reread the hunger games trilogy again. feel like i forgot everything when we watched catching fire.

- tried to not be a mac snob. but i am. i can't help it. i just prefer em over other computers.

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