ten on tuesday. 12.10.13

- brr. i'm ready for spring.

- pretty sure that my christmas cards are going to be valentine's day cards instead. ;)

- after the giant blogging push, i have lost all motivation again. hopefully, soon!

- i've been told that little miss amelia has to wear her tutu every bears game from here on out!

- i think i only need to buy gift cards and i'm officially done with christmas shopping.

- elfred hasn't visited this year. maybe he will still pop in? {ugh, i suck this year!}

- forgot i had to walk through snow to get to work yesterday and wore my crocs. yeah, i'm a thinker at 650am!

- i found a new addiction: pink lemonade emergen c. think i have a new something to add to our subscribe and save purchases each month!

- ben is fighting the sniffles. hoping he holds em off and that melie stays strong too!

- got a new mario game. nick didn't even know about it. what kind of gamer is he? now to find the time to play it!

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