4 months!

and on time.
who knew???

-is still chatting away.
-loves to stick his hands in his mouth. ah heck, he'll shove anything in his mouth!
-is trying sooo hard to sit up. and when we do have him in sitting position likes to fall forward!
-gets a kick out of his jumper.
-loves balloons.
-thinks fans and lights are so cool!
-loves to stand.
-is a total cuddle bug.
-played in sand and grass for the first time.
-took a dip in lake michigan.
-watched his first fireworks. {and loved them. total momma's boy.}
-enjoys his crinkle blanket.
-still wearing 3-6 mos. clothing. {md appt. in two weeks...}

first some random ben.

mr. happy.

just to show those killer baby blues. ;o)

loving on his first balloon.

working it in the jumper. was just a bit too short. so we cheated with a phone book. his toes now touch!

wanted one of him sucking his thumb. added bonus that miss sophie is in the picture...

with mr. panda. look they are now friends!

i love my dad! so much so i want to eat him!

such a big boy.

hmm. not so good at this sitting thing!

here i am!

c'mere. i have a secret to tell you...

this look isn't so flattering. we've decided it is his, 'your crib or mine' face.

there is a good one. silly background. must buy backdrop.

k. four months.
oh and father's day photo shoot pics soon. i think i've got one i like. just have to print them and give them as gifts, then i'll share.


Kache said...

Love that he's holding hands with Mr Panda...too cute.

JenBinAZ said...

he is SOOOOO stinkin adorable!