byom july

awesome, awesome kit. if you aren't familiar, you can check it out here...
love the colors. such a me kit. thanks krystn. i know you picked em just for me! ;o)

5 quick projects. have tons of product left. hoping to use it up soon. okay, anyone who knows me, knows i hoard. but a girl can dream...

all products from byom's shopping area.

simple one of ben's cute little chubs.

an awesome smile caught on camera. tried to play around with that crazy kraft paper. makes me wish i was a 12x12 scrapper again!

self explanatory...

and two super, super quick cards.

ah crap. i lied. the last card has stickers that are not from byom. my apologies.
trying to now figure out why i can only scrap to the journey station on pandora? used to be lily allen or ben folds. might have to try them out again and see what happens. ;o)

1 comment:

Kache said...

Yep, picked it just for you but don't tell anyone...sshh
Journey station, that's funny!
Wow you've cooked a lot, I'm impressed.