picture overload.

memorial day to fourth of july...

trying to find bean a hat has proven to be quite the task. he has a big head but everything is still too big!

thankfully, we have since found him a few that fit better. hmmm, that might be because his head has grown too!

nick thought ben should experience the pool. thought he might like it since he loves bathtime. he did quite well. didn't cry at all!

then the cousins decided he should be in the pool with them! again, he did great. cannot wait til he is a bit bigger and we can take him swimming at my parents!

a quick family photo before benjamin was a wet boy!

ben with his great grandmas...

with his buddy miss braiden. she loves her baby benji. ;o)

a trick to making ben laugh or smile... he loves clapping!

and a video for your viewing pleasure. ignore all the background laughing!

beaner can sleep pretty much anywhere. here he is napping before the firework show. ignore jason's silly face!

and to prove he naps well... a picture from kenny's graduation. we placed ben on the picnic table and he slept like a champ.

k. back to the fourth festivities...

watching fireworks with dad.

hanging out at the beach.
first time in lake michigan.

playing in the sand.

cute, sandy baby feet.

dad tried to wash ben off in the lake... along came a wave that made beaner not happy.

all better. napping under the umbrella!

and just chilling...

i think that's a good recap. and i'm out of time. beaner has decided nap time is over! ;o)
and i think i still didn't share em all. now that i think about it... i haven't uploaded from the actual 4th.. on the point and shoot! so maybe the 4th will have its own special post...


Carrie said...

Great updates, great pictures!! Love the video :)

Kache said...

Laughing at the video.
I like all his hanging out poses. Such a laid back baby!

Laura said...

he is so cute, thanks for sharing

Tina said...

Lovely photos, Shan! Bean is so cute! Great pic of him and Auntie El. Thanks!

Brandy said...

getting so big and smiley!! love it