wip 3.3.12

starting march off right! :D

a lazy day for me. i decided to skip yoga and sleep in. and i guess i needed it. i didn't get up until after 11! so nice. then it was time to grocery shop and clean {kinda. i was feeling very, very lazy.}

chewy checking out the laundry basket. told you i was lazy. i was folding while in bed! perfect way to keep the hands busy while catching up with project runway. {go mondo!}

all pictures today are crappy i phone ones. so pardon their not so greatness. a snapshot of our calendar before i erased it. felt like our weekends got a little crazy. not to mention the last week. where we had something almost daily. this could explain the sleeping in!

ben's treat for being good at school all week. he had asked for a french fry earlier in the week. we haven't had fast food in ages. so i thought, why not?

i accidentally said sprinkles instead of crunch. oh well, still yummers.

 after bath time, we watched horton hears a who. happy birthday dr. seuss! and ben did not eat his green eggs and ham at school. maybe next year.

he went from snuggling with me on the couch.

to claiming the smaller one as his own.

to hoarding all of his books and animals.

to snuggling with dadda. ;)

playing soccer and running on xbox.
and again, he insists on wearing that hat. and now he likes to have his shirt off. 'like jason do' silly boy. crazy that he remembers that daddy and jason like to be topless when they participate in sports.

then my mom came over. so nick and i could do a birthday lunch at cooper's hawk. totally different to do a day date. was nice!

i love our free tastings.
and i have to say, i've love every single person that has waited on us. not sure if we wanna give those ladies up when it moves to merrillville...

nick got the special. fish and chips. 

and for me, some fancy new pasty. eggplant ravioli, i believe.

and a total surprise birthday treat. we didn't get one last month when we went for nick's birthday. so our server got an extra tip!

came home and chilled. watched mulan with ben. was his first time. and mine too! cute movie.
and this is how i found chewbacca. i have no clue how that is comfortable. 

busy day.
ben played sports with daddy in the morning. apparently, this time, only in a pull up. ;)

time to head out for megan's 18th birthday festivities. met at granite city brewery.  was nice to see everyone and just hang out.

the birthday girl.

okay, she's not really 81. just 18. 

gigi and ben playing on her phone.

oatmeal stout and cake goes well together, no?

my sweet boy. someone thought it was funny to show him how to put icing on his nose. he kept missing his nose and only getting his upper lip. 

and making friends at the other end of the table. 

we were able to stop at a few stores {on the look out for dresses for miss alyson's wedding next month} and then went back to nick's aunt and uncles. hung out for a while.

made a quick trip to sonic. hooray cherry limeade! and then stopped by nick's dad's house. bri broke her phone, so nick wanted to check it out. ben had a blast playing with marley, their dog. and has a new favorite treat. puppy chow.

the little thief stealing his first piece. which he told us he didn't like.

and moved to an easier location, where he continued to steal pieces. 

when we left and nick was putting him into the car. ben yelled, 'it smells like chicken!' what? he proceeded to stick his hand into the sonic bag and pull out his remaining chicken strip. was so funny. maybe not to you guys, but we were dying. and this was the quickly snapped picture to remember the moment. because even if it seems lame being retold here, on the blog, nick and i are still laughing about it today. 

{holy. this was sooo much easier doing right after the fact. must try to keep it up!}


Carrie said...

Love catching up with you all on your blog. Ben is getting so big, and is absolutely adorable! I remember those little boy days and antics :)


Kache said...

The chicken story's pretty funny retold as well!

The hat/pull up pics are hilarious.
Love all the Chewy sitings.

I want that whole container of dog/reindeer chow!