12 on the 12th {march 2012}

i have no idea why i was thinking about 12 on the 12th photos today. {in theory, you take 12 photos on the 12th day every month.} and i have no idea why it came first thing on the morning, but then i realized it was the 12th, and i thought, 'why not.' so here we go!

warning: the photos are all from my phone. with absolutely no editing. no instragram. no nothing. ;)
and since i'm so lazy that i can't edit or do anything fancy with the photos, i'm certainly not photo-shopping them into a pretty collage either. ;P

1. ordering medical supplies for the office. it's one of the first things i do every  monday morning.

2. my new most favorite-est game/obsession right now! draw something.  totally makes me laugh. cannot believe how silly some of the drawings are. i hope those of you playing along, are laughing at me just like i'm laughing at myself!

3. end of day. last look at my desk all tidied up after auditing charts for the day.

4. window down on the way home! with some pretty kick ass clouds. 

5. picking up ben from daycare. he always bolts down the hall ahead of me. always.

6. dinner. nick wanted to get hot dogs from this new place {underdog hot dogs} nearby. it's his third time in like 6 days. i think he has a problem. 

7. nice day for chalk! and i had to draw just so i knew my childish drawings on previously mentioned app are not my 'usual'. ;)

8. someone enjoying his uber manly, borrowed, dora tricycle. {had to pass some time while nick was cutting down our infested branches. nope, no pictures of that...}

9. bath time! with a mo-hawk and some red water. 

10. nigh time snackie with his new lorax books.

11. joining me while i was doing some yoga. 

12. what my computer looks like now. downloading all my pics from this weekend. getting ready to blog, hopefully for the week, and listening to some music. {trying to decide if i should download the whole fun. album. decisions, decisions! and i'll more than likely not make a decision and listen to the album on preview for the next week or so.}

happy 12th on the 12th!
i'm afraid to commit to it monthly. i'm afraid it will all look the same! so maybe i'll just give it a go randomly. or when i can remember. who knows!

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