wip 3.17.12

errand city. way productive day. felt good!
won't bore ya with the particulars. just some fun pictures of that evening. spent outside with friends.

yes, my brother parks like that whenever he visits. weird boy.

just love his facial expression.  thank you tamron zoom lens. and yes, that's his shirt's sticker. he was adamant that it stayed there. ben one, momma zero. :)

and miss wynn's funny expression.

that's better. :)

ben loves playing ball. football, basketball, soccer. 


group shot! ben's like, 'yeah right!'

uncle kevin checking out how sturdy the swing set is!

more balls! the kid doesn't stop!

someone tried to take his ball!

nothing a juice box won't fix!

and some quality chalk time.

the best part about chalk. cute little chalk covered butts. ;)

say cheese. xo.

somebody all cleaned up and ready for bed.

time to catch up on my internet and march madness.

and then wrapped some presents for the wee man. ;)

 beaner checking out the highlights from all the games he missed last night.

 green monster pancakes. good morning st. patrick's day style!

then it was mom and son time. nick and the boys went and played frisbee golf. gotta enjoy this weather, right?!

the lazy man's way? ;)

and some fun with noodles and letters.

lucky charms is a totally appropriate lunch on st. patty's day, right? 

after nap time, we made some leprechaun bark.

then it was time to play outside. jumping with his football! 

our landscaping was in need of some serious work. 


ugh, leaves and leaves and leaves and leaves. two giant bags worth by the time i was done.

playing football with daddy.

family feet!

much better, no?

couldn't fit all the ingredients in my crock pot. had to improvise and put a pot on top to hold it closed! 

the sweetest little boy tootsies.

a little leprechaun.

green river and corned beef and cabbage. yummy.

and leprechaun bark for dessert. 

group bike ride!

gotta stop at the park!

someone 'watering' the grass. ;)

and we're off! 

then birthday festivities for my dad.  ben has been a dr. seuss nut lately.

grandpa helping ben with his shoes so he can go outside. again. and play some more football.

 i missed the earlier part of the afternoon where he was playing catch with grandpa.

cake time.

and back to the couch. relaxing. uploading a zillion pictures. and watching basketball. oy, boilers. that was painful! 

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Kache said...

I like Ben's action shots with the ball, very cool.
Nice crockpot improvisation, ha!
Leprechaun bark is creative too.