ten on tuesday 3.6.12

- tonight is my night to close our office. i was so happy that it was still light out when i left at 5! and we spring ahead this weekend. yay sunshine!

- finally got the piece to turn ben's crib into a toddler bed. {got the main conversion set when we bought it years ago to turn it into a twin bed but somehow didn't get the toddler kit?!}

- i dislike people who don't do their jobs. but maybe i shouldn't be mad at them but at management who allows them to not do their job?

- ben's birthday invites went out today. so thankful we have printers in the family! thought maybe we should have changed a few things after they were printed... oh well. live and learn. and they're done, so i'm not gonna think about them any more.

- i am sick of rihanna. like ugh. can't she go away for a little while. and the whole chris brown thing... don't get me started.

- and while i'm on the subject, what is with radio? do they only pay for 5 songs. so over it. thank goodness for npr and my accuradio app!

- another music one... someone posted on facebook about song lyrics that they never got right. their post was for: every time you go away, you take a piece of meat with you. hilarity. pretty sure i'm never gonna sing that song correctly again! embarrassing confession: mine was a lyric for miss jackson by outkast. i always sang, 'i apologize and tributize.' wtf? why did i even think that was okay? for those of you who don't know. it's 'i apologize a trillion times.' i'm a dork.

- i love mario kart nights with the hubs.  love that we can be dorks together. love the texting that goes on when we're online playing other family members. love the taunting and picking on one another. love it!

- really need to do a post about our latest pinterest party. hopefully, tomorrow.

- why do we {i} always assume the worst about things/people? why are some people so self centered? why do i bother to care? sometimes i think therapy should be a requirement for all of mankind. {would help us non crazies deal with the crazies, no?} ;P

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Kache said...

I agree wholeheartedly with this post. The work/management thing, the radio thing, the last thing. Sorry it's late :)