i am always reluctant to participate in brackets. i have no clue why. it's not like i get punished for choosing incorrectly. i always pick a team, silently, and root for them. maybe it's because i tend to jinx the team i'm cheering for. i don't know.

but this year is different.  nick and i both filled out brackets. crazily enough, we both have kentucky winning. no, we didn't fill them out together. no we did not discuss who we were picking. and i told nick that he wasn't allowed to research prior to making his picks. he swears he didn't cheat. that he filled it out randomly. i think he has filled out a second one that he actually did some home work on. not 100% sure. i haven't seen it. i know he filled some out online as well. i believe that he used my picks in one too.



oy. i have no clue why, but just posting them makes me nervous! i'm strange i know. fingers crossed that i'm not way off! hopefully, i do better than nicholas! ;)

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