big boy bed!

somebody has been sleeping in his big boy bed {b3} for the past week. and he's been pretty darn good about it! the first morning, he climbed into our bed around 6. which is no biggie, since i probably should have been out of bed about fifteen minutes earlier, and he's usually up around 630 anyway. that same evening he crept downstairs and startled nick! it was only about 10 minutes after he went to bed. and when nick asked ben what he was doing his response was, 'i came to see you.' sweet. but no luck. back upstairs mister! :) and then saturday morning, he was so excited he forgot about the clock being green. but he did just fine sunday morning!

yeah, he's a hoarder. i have no clue how he sleeps in there. and i have no clue how chewy joins him some nights!

and man have we come a long way from this! {yup. same title for two different posts. i told you kids i sucked at the title game.}

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