wip 3.10.12

two weeks in a row! what, what! and sorry. but this is gonna be photo overload. just warning you!

skipped yoga again. yeah, not sure i'm gonna keep it up. i like it. it just takes a huge chunk out of my routine. and nick just got some yoga dvd's for p90 or something, so i may try those.

tidied up around the house a bit, prepped this soup, {didn't sautee the bacon and onions. for me, a slow cooker shouldn't require that much pre-cooking!} and then headed out to run a few errands and grocery shop.

when i brought ben home, this is where he thought his shoes should go...

then we played with legos.

and trucks before nick got home.

oh and apparently, some one is getting pretty good at taking pictures...

packing up to go to 'jason's'.

 tragedy strikes. i broke my crock pot lid!

then we packed up and went to my grandma's to visit. had been a while. too long. was nice. oh and the soup was a success. and even better a few days later. made a boat load.

me, ben, and kevin chilling on the couch.

 my loves.

ben and great grandma. yes, you get red eye pictures. i suck, i know. i'm sorry.

and a tickle fest on the couch. {who knew uncle kevin is still as ticklish as he was when he was little. it's hilarious!}

tried this for breakfast. was decent. might add some cheese next time.

i made ben a cheerio necklace while nick went to work. ;)

and tried to watch the princess and the frog but somebody fell asleep on momma. so sweet.  and then i fell asleep too. i mean, who wouldn't nap with this sweet lil guy curled up on ya?

ben refused to nap again after this mini nap. i, however, did not. and managed to fall asleep for a few hours. thank you nicholas for letting me nap. ;)

decided to brave a short-napped ben and headed out for dinner and then to the mall. can't find a link. wasn't the greatest meal. i think the appetizers were better. might be a good place to go for drinks and snackies but not a full meal.

ben decided that each nugget should sit in the ketchup for a bit?

then it was mall time. found a few decent dresses. bought two. one was only $30 so nick made me get it!

ben had fun playing on daddy's phone. and then he figured out that the mirrors moved and was entertained while i tried on dresses and nick waited outside!

on the round and round. 

and how nick was carrying towards the end of the night?!

ran to toys r us and let ben pick out a toy. he wanted this garbage truck.  and then a quick stop to dsw for dress shoes for me.

which led to this...

poor guy. was a trouper. he didn't melt down. followed directions. was so good.

should have been going to the south side st. patrick day parade with friends but i'm a dork. so when i got the text about going, there was no date. so i assumed that it was on st. patrick's day and didn't realize until saturday morning, after texting with steph about something completely different, that i had the wrong day! oops! we had already made other plans, so we didn't go.

instead, we headed to see the lorax with the coopers.

ben's first time!

wynn's first time!

i'm not sure why jason and braiden can't make normal faces... wait, maybe it's because jason is usually talking...

family photo.

the girls and the grown ups enjoyed the movie. ben fell asleep. yup. snuggled up on mommy's lap and was out about 20 minutes in. however, he swears he liked the movie. and that he watched it!

time to head to funflatables. love that they all hold hands...

yes, i'm lazy again. {well, still. it's still monday although this will be posted thursday. no red eye removal. maybe i should figure out how to fix my settings on the new point and shoot.} maybe next time i'll lug the rebel!

there are some hilarious facial expressions, so i'm sharing a boatload of pictures.

they had a giant connect four. i had to play! 

i win! 

i swear, whenever this kids are together, they pretend they are in a mosh pit. hysterical.

headed to lunch across the street. eh. not so impressed this time. but nick did manage to eat his food before any of us did which is probably a new world record! ;P

we came home and napped. well, nick played video games. and after our siestas we headed outside.

ben was excited to get the bikes out. he is sooo close to being able to pedal. poor shorty!

my new kicks. another dsw purchase. this style but blue. yes, dr. scholl's. they are unbelievably comfortable. dude, do i sound like an old lady? talking up some dr. scholl's shoes? whatevs.

ben wanted to walk to jason's. so we did. and nick picked up his pull up bar. yeah, we always have the strangest things when we walk to and from their house. i don't mind. i just love that they're so close. xo!

the nasty bugs on our trees. referenced in a monday's post.

the christmas lights came down!

someone was hoarding his froggies and some leaves and grass in his basket.

the patch on the roof. nick's amazing. he did it during some crazy wind gusts. and it's like the third or fourth time he has had to patch our roof. and no, it's not the same spots. he fixes it properly! 

some creepers that decided to stop by since they were just cutting through our neighborhood and didn't think we would be outside. ;P

and that lil guy just loving being on his bike. <3

was gonna make this for dinner, but ben wasn't a fan of the tri color pasta earlier in the week, so i just made plain ole pasta for dinner. and some random house hold stuff that i won't bore ya with.

phew. what a recap. again, photos galore. but oh well. i'm going to try to take more pictures from now on. i just think i was burnt out from the 365 project last year. which i still need to update... i'm such a procrastinator. must keep up posting this on a weekly basis. so much easier. and much less stressful!

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