wip 3.24.12

got up with the boys and was pretty darn productive. i'm learning that music gets me moving! cleaned, shopped, made most of the desserts for ben's party.

then it was time to pick up ben and head to his well check appointment.

we passed the time waiting by playing football in the room.

ben did well. we were in and out in record time.
came home and finished baking. and i'm so glad i did, because then this rolled in.

totally looked worse than it was. just a bit of rain. but did make for some cool pictures. all taken on my phone!

up and at em for ben's birthday!
i had put some balloons in his doorway, but he wasn't impressed. woke us up saying they were bothering him. little did we know that he was on the way to sickie-ville.

opened pressies then packed up and headed out to the party.

his loot.

why, yes. i would love a birthday kiss. 

ben thought chewy needed some bows.

rocking his new batman cape. or as he calls it, a bad man cape.

trying to show us three fingers.

this wrapping paper is way more fun than my pressies momma.

the kids got to play with their goodie bags before and during the party. some action shots. 

the birthday boy. {and i don't think i took a single one of these pictures! kinda scary giving up control, but nice to just enjoy the moment.}

pressner party of three. 
can you tell that one of us is not feeling so good?

 a ball. still a favorite after all these years!

when we packed up and headed home, we thought ben felt a bit warm. we were hoping it was from all the running and playing.  no such luck. woke up from his nap with a fever. so that meant no going to gabby and drea's birthday party.  and no going to a benefit for a high school friend either. but my girlfriend convinced me to leave ben at home with nick and she would leave her kiddos at home and we went together. so glad i did. was good to see some people and catch up...

so nick's at home with ben and a few friends that i met up with at the benefit convinced me to go out with them after. luckily, my  mom was home and willing to come over and house sit, since ben was asleep and nick was able to join us too!

the girls. it had been way too long. so glad we snuck out for a few hours. love them.

table shot. yes, that's a giant water. was trying to be good in case i was up later with a sick beanie. 

crazy boys and flaming dr. peppers. 

 long, busy day. but totally worth it.

still has a fever. wanted to run around in his undies all day. why not?

 playing with the balloons from his party. i spy a benjamin.

we did try to go outside for a bit. didn't last long. but here's what happened while we were out.

ben and nick tried out a few of his new presents.

then it was bubble time!

no, don't get us!

then it was back inside. home skillet didn't feel so good. was a trouper. glad we got him out for a bit!


Kache said...

It's nice when someone else takes pictures once in awhile! I like ben's expression in the group balloon picture.
And I gotta say I could not figure out the doctor picture until I expanded it. Couldn't figure out who was taking the picture since you were on the other side of the room. I'm glad I now understand the concept of a mirror.

psucolleen said...

Okay... first I'm laughing at Rystn "I'm glad I now understand the concept of a mirror."

You got some great birthday pictures! Loving him peeking through those balloons. What a bummer he was sick but you certainly look like you make the most of it.

A big ol' (belated) birthday wish for Ben!