wip 2.25.12

another yoga day!
and then i came home and napped. only had time for some cleaning. so we had a family outing to the grocery store that evening.

ben got a crazy fishy out of the vending machine...

met john, bill, and the girls for breakfast.

headed to party city to check out favors for ben's birthday party. he wanted to try on some hats...

some of our loot. 

ben and i napped. nick played games.

found this in my toilet. apparently, the boys were playing the cheerio game...

and mr. lazy pants watching rio

then ran out to get some ideas/pricing for some home improvement projects. trying to plan ahead and budget.

made a stop at mcdonalds. yay shamrock shakes.

and a visit to the pet store for some kitty treats.

and a late dinner of subway. i think chewy wanted some too. 

i had a date for hot yoga with steph. but the boys decided to come too. was pretty funny actually. i got a text saturday from dave asking me about the class. and when i told nick that dave might be going, he wanted to go. boys. so he arranged a last minute sitter and we were off. everyone enjoyed it. i wasn't sure if i was gonna make it. my armpits were beyond sore from a billion plank poses on friday but thankfully it was too bad.

when we got home, nick got a call to go to work. so ben and i had some fun with blocks. and watched some random programs on tv {hello cheerleading and dancing and fishing and soccer}

after nap time ben and nick played some memory.
again, my kid is pantsless. sigh.

then some physical activity. soccer! and ben cannot refer to soccer without some how mentioning jason. crazy.

and art time. {while daddy was making dinner.}

and fun with non colored pasta!

dinner is done! pw's stir fry. not the most appealing picture, but whatever.

and some vacation planning once ben was asleep. ;) still undecided but have completely changed our minds in the past 24 hours! 

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psucolleen said...

You have been a very busy family! Such cute pictures of Ben!!!

I <3 shamrock shakes!!!! :0)