10 on tuesday. 3.13.12

- so the pop machine was out of order at work. and there's a huge sign letting people know that it is broken.  i cannot tell you how many people stopped me to ask if the machine was really broken. um, really. it's not april fool's, so i have no idea why we would just put a sign up there for no reason. i, of course, make fun of these individuals to my coworkers and then walk right up to the machine, move the sign out of the way, and try to push the ice button. duh! wth! i then told all my coworkers so we could laugh at me too! seriously, i am such a dork. and i had one coworker admit that she did the same thing. yay! i'm not alone!

- i have an exception to my rihanna aversion. this song with drake.

- saw a sign at the auto shop that read, 'brakes wile u wate.' wha?

- got a dress for alyson's wedding. and shoes! just need to figure out jewelry and a bag... duh, i have a purse that might work. it'll be big. but who cares! unless anyone has a small, silver clutch i can check out. ;)

- my most random text from this weekend: 'shannon can u text me toshs number so we can prank call him pkease. you did take a photo right? we r gonn prank him fro a drag bar.' so funny. and if any one reading can guess which crazy friend texted that, you get bonus points. and yes, i did have a picture. see this post. and yes, i did text it to her. and no, i don't know if she had any luck!

- cannot believe how many of my friends are on vacation. so hope they are all having a fabulous time. seriously, i know of two separate vegas outings, two florida outings, a mexico trip, and my parents.

- just in case you missed yesterday's post. draw something. get it! i won't judge. promise. but you better not laugh at me. kidding. that is part of the fun!

- trying to decide on dessert for ben's party. i'm kind of over cake. not sure i want cupcakes. not sure i have the energy for cake pops.

- nick is cleaning out his old video games. can't believe he is really parting with some of the stuff. and we're donating it to children's. yay for friends who work there and will take it in for me. xo!

- used my rebel for the first time since, i think, christmas this weekend. why, why, do i stop using it? silly shannon. and 252 pictures in two days. i have a problem.

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