potty training.

we have been a bit hesitant about potty training ben. well, maybe it was just me. i was afraid to rush it. to try too soon. but someone has expressed more and more interest in underwear and has refused to wear a diaper for a few weeks. only pull ups. and he's gonna be three in a few days so maybe it is time!

ben loves going pees and poops on his potty in the bathroom. however, i think he gets lazy when he has a pull up on and just goes. most of the kids at daycare are potty trained. so that's helpful to have some role models for him!

the major push was when ben woke up dry for 2 out of the past 3 mornings. we thought we didn't have too much going on this weekend, so why not.

we started off friday evening when he got home from school. we were worried because we took him outside to play and had heard so much about staying in the home for those days. but that's just not us. so we just went with it. no accidents!  and saturday morning he woke up dry!

saturday he also did really well. i think only one accident. and sunday he woke up wet. then it was accident free for the rest of the day. we even took a pretty long bike ride and he managed to hold it... until we made him pee in some bushes because they didn't have the bathrooms opened at the park!

ben woke up dry again this morning. but i was kind of nervous about daycare. not sure why. they are toileted every two hours through out the day. and he has all of his friends to show him how to do it!

and he did! so proud.

here's a copy of his sheet from daycare. check out those potties!

and now that i've posted this, fingers crossed that i haven't jinxed us!

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Carrie said...

Yeah Ben!! With my two boys, it happened pretty much like this, and daycare was a great help!!