wip 2.18.12

finally mixing up my friday routine. there is a new yoga studio nearby that i wanted to check out. i know the owner, so i thought i should support her. plus i missed yoga. i was so nervous to go. it had been years since we practiced. and this is hot yoga. so the room is anywhere from 98-108 degrees. egads! what if i passed out? so i texted my girlfriend about it, she teaches yoga in chicago, and her response was, 'good luck. i'm sure you'll be fine. just in case maybe set up near a wall. lol.' so much for the support i was looking for! but she made me laugh. i love my friends.

the morning was a little crazy. had to drop my car off for servicing. then nick picked me up and i dropped him off at work and went on my way. was able to do some cleaning before i headed to class.

so glad that i went. felt so good. and i didn't come close to passing out. ;D

i think all the hydrating helped! and the teacher was great. 
then it was back to my usual friday routine... cleaning and shopping!

that evening we headed to lake central. had been meaning to go all season. finally worked out. got to see my god brother who coaches the jv team, our friend, john, coaches the cheerleaders, and brianna dance! phew. 

so weird to see andy coaching. he was so cute though. up and down. so animated. not sure i would have expected anything less from him!

ben and jack, my god father... andy's dad.

and ben taking pictures for carol. 

then we moved spots. so we could visit with john and the girls. unfortunately, bill was stuck in traffic and didn't make it. 

ben and gabby. or maybe it's drea. i'm a bad friend. they had so much fun running around and playing.

and then we ran into jer bear and michelle! they were helping set up for a dance competition that was going to be there the next day, so we were able to visit with them for a bit.

ben was really into watching the game. and was really well behaved considering it was way past his bed time. 

then it was time to say good night. so we stopped back and visited for a bit longer with my god parents. ben was sporting some lipstick courtesy of bri. he wouldn't let us wash it off!

i mentioned a home project to nick and some how i ended up with a kitchen/dining area that looked like this...

oof! was not expecting him to be mr. home improvement this weekend. glad he did whatever it was he set out to accomplish! and now we may have another possible home improvement project! isn't it always something?!

meanwhile, ben was golfing! and he cannot play sports without his visor. and it must be backwards. i have no clue where he got that from. seriously...

where's kitty?

made sure it was a super lazy saturday. i knew sunday would kick my ass! :)

alyson's shower.
so cute. i have NEVER seen a more enthusiastic bride. she was awesome.

the super cute table set up. {i won that popcorn basket. woot woot!}

they had a snack bar since it was a movie themed shower.
and then they served cake. couldn't even think about cake after all the other goodies!

cheese. i love that timmy edited out our red eye. maybe he should edit all my pictures. and sadly no pictures of us with alyson. oh well. must try to remember to do so at the wedding!

 even though the restaurant is no longer named kelsey's, they still had their kelsey's glasses... weird.

after the shower, it was birthday festivities with nick's mom. thankfully, my hubby is amazing and he cleaned and had a lot of the prep work done for me. so lucky.

ben thought it would be a good idea to eat some tomatoes and onions. i think chewy thought he was as crazy as nick and i did. ;)

party time. we some how ended up with a tent in our living room. {thanks aunt michelle and uncle ken!}

a perfect place to race...

it came down sooner, rather than later.
and we had a pretty chill evening.

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