ten on tuesday 3.20.12

- finally figured out the desserts{s} for ben's party this weekend. i'm excited!

- am in love with degree motion sense deodorant! try it.

- think we've decided on our father's day/mother's day combo present. we'll see if i don't change my mind by then!

- and we've decided on our couple vacation. just have to book it!

- this weather is insane. not that i'm complaining. it's just strange. gonna have to dig ben's shorts out of the basement!

- i got carded at dunkin donuts on friday. i know, right? who knew! apparently, they are having a problem with people stealing the free birthday mailer out of people's mailboxes. so now, when you use that coupon, you have to show id.

- we love march madness in this house. i love that ben gets into it too. was chanting boiler up for the one game. so cute!

- why can't they make wedges that aren't 5 inches tall? i know they're cute. but i have a hard time walking in regular old flips, let alone ones that are 5 inches tall.

- nick and i are not going to opening night of the hunger games. he really wanted too. we just have so much going on right now. thinking that we'll go on a date night when my mom's on spring break!

- and now that it's posted, i'm wondering if yesterday's post was strange. but whatever. it my blog. it's our memories. and i'm pretty sure that it's one that i want to remember. so bare with me. there might be some strange posts on the horizon... i am debating ben's new shoes as a post of their own....

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