new kicks.

with this crazy weather and our upcoming water park adventure, ben needed some sandals.

we debated taking him to big and little for his shoes or just springing for some cheapies from target. after a meltdown in target, we decided on big and little. {he was also complaining that his toe hurt in the shoes he has been wearing.}

stopped in last thursday just to make sure there wasn't something wrong with his shoes. and miss millie helped us pick out some new ones.

ben was insistent upon owning these.  we caved. i mean, he's a boy. he only has one pair of shoes at a time. he can have two pairs of shoes, i guess. ;)  was really hoping that it would have been something a bit nicer, oh well...

{the robots in action friday evening.}

and then he didn't want to try on the sandals. oy. after some convincing he picked out these. surprise, surprise. more robots!

{dad and lad keens. :)}

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