wip 11.5.11

nick and i dropped ben off at daycare and went to go pick up everyone's packets in chicago for the hot chocolate.
stopped at the scrambled diner for breakfast. yum.

one of us didn't have breakfast for breakfast...

somebody with all ten baggies! 

then we stopped at cooper's hawk. had been way too long. since april actually. we had a ton of wine to pick up! so we made a point to go there for lunch.

started with our free tasting.

somebody is silly.

yes, that's two cases of wine in my trunk. plus two additional bottles. and then the ten baggies for the hot chocolate! 

had a great lunch. love spending time with nick. so many times we go out and it's with others. nice to know that i do really like him. :P

that evening we headed to nick's mom's house. had a just because dinner.

the cousins. i swear, ben is in there... {we weren't quick enough to get the picture of them all sitting nicely.}

and ben loves aunt michelle. but he really loves her when it's time for whip creme!

and i kinda, sorta taught ben to stick his stickers on his face... was trying to be entertaining and it's now stuck. {ha! i just meant, he likes to do it regularly!}

up and at em bright and early.
the morning was a bit hectic. the boys actually had to drop us girls off and they went and parked the car.

group photo before we all split up.

a few shots during the race courtesy of miss megan.

us with the chocolate guy at the end!

meg and nick.

me and nick with dave giving us stinky eye.

somebody is tired.

and someone else.

and her too.

all of us crammed in the car.

and our super delicious lunch. 

came home and was exhausted. somehow we ended up making it to the grocery store since it had been about two weeks. i was so tired that i didn't notice my brother stalking us in the store. he finally had to come up to us and ask why we were so brain dead!!

those early mornings wear me out.

a day of football with my boys. great way to end the weekend.

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melanie said...

love your blog :) so happy i found it!