ten on tuesday 12.13.11

- today's date is totally messing with my dyslexic self.
- only need one gift card and i'm done christmas shopping. and it's an amazon one, so that's easy! {feels so nice to be done and not be stressed!}
- the presents are even wrapped. go me! {nick did help a bit.}
- and all of the presents are under the tree. nick thinks it is more festive that way. and ben has been wonderful with leaving them alone even though he can see all of his pressies from mama and dada.
- finally caved and let my girlfriend cut my hair. she already does ben's and nick's. it was great! she came to us and it was only $20. awesome! next time we're coloring too. i'm excited.
- polar express is still in heavy rotation. i love that he now sometimes dances to the songs and maybe even sings along. so cute.
- found a new way to display our christmas cards. thank you pinterest. i did the ribbon down the cabinet idea. love that we can see everyone's pictures and they aren't tucked away in a basket or holder.
- experienced this delicious beverage over the weekend. it you like horchata i would definitely recommend it. so tasty.
- my christmas cards should arrive tomorrow. i can't believe they took so long to ship. apparently, everyone was ordering their cards last weekend. and the post office ran out of holiday stamps! oh well...
- not sure i should admit it, but ben is surprisingly good at mario kart. :)

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