i suck at titles.

i think that's why i'm a fan of the 'wip' and 'ten on tuesdays' posts. then i have a generic title and my brain hurts a little less. ;)

not sure i can come up with ten and there's no number that starts with 'w' so i'm just gonna start listing em off.

- yesterday i saw someone who was balding rock a mullet. how is that even possible?! why hasn't a friend or family member told him this is not okay?! totally reminded me of this power point presentation that went around in college.

- had to ask a patient for a urine specimen at work yesterday. {apparently it was crazy people tuesday} he was sitting in one of our exam rooms when i asked. when i handed him the cup, he asked if it was okay to go right where he was sitting. um, NO! wtf? he was kind of upset with me when i directed him to the bathroom. ew. ew. ew.

- my husband is bad ass. seriously. so damn handy. my iphone hasn't worked since friday. i could only use it if it was on speaker phone. i'm pretty sure that mike and my mom heard quite a few profanities before i figured it out. actually, i know my mom did because one time she called and when i put it on speaker phone right away she was miffed. said she was looking forward to hearing me cuss! anywho. nick read up on it and was able to take my phone apart and put it back together and voila... i can hear again!

- i'm itching to take down all the christmas decorations. my bad ass husband thinks that is very grinch-y of me. so i'm being super nice {and grateful for his rock star phone fixing skills} and leaving it up for now. but monday, maybe sunday, it's gone.

- finally got to watch friends with benefits. totally awesome movie. sooo much better than friends with benefits and not just because i love justin. and mila kunis was so cute. had to go out and buy it with some of my christmas gift cards!

- um, what is up with cars 2? why on earth did they go in such a different direction? so violent for a kids movie. ugh. i had a lot of friends tell me it wasn't so great. unfortunately, they were right. pretty sure that it will continue to be watched in this household though.

- i love that i'm still getting christmas cards. and if you read this and sent me a card and i didn't send you one, i apologize. i'll post it here someday.

- am completely in love with my new camera. {and holy heck do amazon prices flip. we got a heck of a deal as of today's listed price.} yes, i have a problem. yes, i just got one in may. but we just weren't sure about it. finally we had enough and went back to a canon. so i now will be selling two cameras. i think that's why i never got rid of my original camera. i just wasn't sold with the sony and now i only have one cord for all three cameras. woot!

- quite possibly ben's favorite christmas gift. if you need to shop for young boys, i would 100% suggest it. i think my 'big boy' might enjoy it just as much as ben!

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