the one with crazy sleeps.

i was doing so well with posting and then this week happened.

this was how i started off monday morning.
in the work microwave...

and it just didn't seem to get back on track.

i usually set up all of my blog posts for the week on monday. that just didn't happen this week. i have been exhausted. fell asleep around 630 pm monday evening. that never happens. woke up around 11 pm and then couldn't go back to sleep. i finally did around 130 am which made my 545 am alarm pretty painful. and then i just repeated the cycle yesterday. was asleep around 7 pm. up at 10 pm. back to bed around 12 am. my goal this evening was to not lie down. i figured if i didn't lay down and get all warm and toasty under a blanket, maybe i could make it! and so far, i have. now my goal is to watch top chef and then fall asleep!

and for those of you thinking my fatigue might be caused by some medical condition, nope. ;) just tried another birth control experiment and clearly they are not for me any more. i quit them a while back and was a much happier, less sleepy being. decided to try another kind a few months ago and i just get crabbier and more exhausted and forgetful {which could be from the fatigue} and some killer headaches {and i never get headaches} with each passing month. might be too much information... if so, sorry! but i want to put it out there, so if i get an itch to try yet another kind in a few months, i have a written reminder of just how bad they make me feel.  even the doctors thought it wasn't the birth control, but i have no other explanation. blood work was okay and i felt human when i stopped them, so it must be them... right?  well, that's the theory in the pressner household. i guess we'll find out in a few months!

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