ten on thursday. 12.8.11

because it's been that kind of week....

- ben is enamored with the polar express. found out by complete accident tuesday evening. had to run out to target yesterday because he wouldn't stop asking for it!
- christmas shopping is 95% done. will be 100% done tomorrow. woot woot! {i think this is the earliest i have been done. ever!}
- the reason we are almost completely done with shopping, is because we didn't participate in the santa hustle this weekend. the weather was rainy and i am not getting sick before the holiday. we decided to sleep in and my mom came over later so nick and i could run out and do our shopping. so it totally worked out! :)
- it doesn't feel like christmas. i blame the lack of snow. it's just weird that it hasn't snowed yet. {i think we're close to setting a record for latest snowfall!}
- i love flannel sheets.
- i think my husband is pretty amazing. love that he let me sleep the past few days. i think it was partly because after ben went to bed, he could play video games for hours uninterrupted by his wife!
- ben loves all the christmas decorations, especially lights outside. i think we're gonna have to drive around one evening. {i'm thinking the crown point show isn't gonna jive with our schedule.}
- why when i finally catch up on grey's and something totally not cool happens must they take a hiatus. seriously?
- love that ben now uses seriously in context when talking with nick or i. it's hysterical. 'serwiouswy dada'
- didn't get to watch top chef last night. for some reason our dvr decided not to record it. thankfully, we caught it and were able to record the repeat. hoping to watch it tonight! but maybe it was meant to happen. i had seven blissful hours of straight sleep last night. feeling much better!

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