ten on tuesday 12.20.11

- my new favorite blog. seriously, she's hysterical.
- finished my cookies for the cookie exchange yesterday. no bake! {minus the nuts, you never know who can't have em}  also made some rollo pretzel combos, yum. now if only i craved sweets. i wish we did a potato chip exchange. ;P
- ben is consistently asking to go potty and hasn't had a false alarm yet. diaper isn't always dry in between potties and he doesn't ask to poop on the potty. baby steps.
- really dislike when people cannot take responsibility for their own actions. stop blaming others. you're a big boy/girl, man up! sheesh.
- i'm starting to get excited for christmas!
- pop up video is the best thing ever to watch while elliptical-ing. haven't exercised in ages. finally had a chance tonight and it was great!
- had someone from a company that i deal with regularly at work bring me a christmas present today. {not completely uncommon} and he made a big deal about how his wife picked it out, blah, blah, blah. so i'm super stoked. it's a bunch of bliss products.  bring it home, open up the little package and read the bottle... 'not for resale. packaged for w hotels' {or something. the bottles are upstairs and i'm lazy. but you get the point} he gave me hotel shampoos! wtf?! now i don't feel bad for not spending time with him since we were so busy.
- finally started reading a book. hoping i can finish it by the new year!
- i still have my decorated pumpkin. i just can't throw it out. i love how i painted it and it's still in great shape.
- am still on track for my daily photos. just need to find time to upload them all!

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