project spare closet.

four hours. to clean out the closet in our spare bedroom.
that closet has accumulated stuff since we moved in. so a little more than 8 years.
it's sooo nice now. i'm so glad i posted on here that i was gonna do it. and that i actually did!

i took before and after pictures.
i'm kind of embarrassed at how amazingly awful it was. and if you look at the before and think that it's not too bad, then the picture isn't doing it justice! :)



the amount of crap in there was insane. i was able to set aside some paper and craft supplies for ben, for a coworker's daughter, and for ben's daycare. nuts. i also had at least two giant garbage bags full of stuff.  maybe i should have taken a picture of all of that stuff. that would have been the real eye opener!

i couldn't bring myself to get rid of everything, event hough it hadn't been used in at least 4 years. baby steps! hoping to tackle the study sometime early next year and then i'm sure i'll get rid of the stuff i just couldn't part with just yet.

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