wip 11.26.11

first stop was glenwood oaks with my side of the family.
managed to get a group photo. how my dad, the tallest of the bunch, ended up in the front row i have no idea!

then we headed to nick's mom's house.
tried to get a family photo. we waited to long into the evening. ben wasn't feeling it.

just hung around the house. was not going out on black friday. those days are long gone!
met up with an old high school friend and her husband in the evening. she now lives in denver and was in for a few days. always good to catch up. it was now our second annual get together. maybe next year we can go to colorado! after dinner at asparagus we met up with another friend from high school and hung out at her house until an ungodly hour. time flies when you are having fun i guess. poor mary and jon, they didn't even go to bed that night. they left julie's house and went back to her mom's to pack and then headed to the airport!

julie shared with me her tosh memorabilia. they briefly dated!

thought it would be safe to venture out. costco wasn't too awful. 
did a few other things when we were out, can't for the life of me remember what they were though.
went out for a late dinner with friends to lighthouse. {i swear i gained five pounds in three days.}

when we got home, we decided to put out elfred.
{note the little reindeer donuts}
apparently, ben wasn't too impressed. but he's been nice to have.  {he's popped in on occasion when ben hasn't been behaving very well. i'll have a while before i have to get really creative with him!}

ben enjoying {maybe} his reindeer donuts. nick said he asked for cereal shortly after!

decided to clean out our front closet. ben decided to try on all of mama's shoes.

i have no clue when this was taken. but it made me smile to see his little head pop up in the second one.

then we put up all the christmas decorations. ben got to put on the first ornament. ;)

he loves the tree. has been really good with not touching what he shouldn't be touching and is so excited to turn the lights on and off!

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