wip 11.12.11

during the day i ran some errands and cleaned. nothing too exciting.
that evening was family night with nick's dad's side of the family.

we bought ben a sled. he has a ton of fun when nick spins him on it. it's kind of nauseating. i have video... maybe someday i'll share.

gabby and ben having a dance off with the monkey.

nick making his dessert fancier! ;)

woke up and went to breakfast with john and bill and gabby and drea. was much too long since we had a chance to hang out. good times!

then we came home and nick went to play frisbee golf with his dad and uncle.

uh oh!

ben and i headed outside to play since it was so nice. windy. but nice.
the boys ended up coming home a few minutes after we headed out. perfect timing!

he can't wait to go play with the big boys.


have a similar picture from when ben was younger. ;)

ben's new favorite place to blow bubbles.

chewy enjoys bubbles.

and for some reason, ben require sunglasses to continue blowing bubbles in his jams.

perfect way to watch toy story, right?

that evening i headed off to the operation christmas child packing party. aka occ.
here was some of the goodies that i had collected over the past year. was so easy to do with samples and some killer walgreens deals.

and for the actual party...
i have some very incriminating pictures of some people, so i'll behave and not share them! {well, sorry val. the group photo pic of you isn't the greatest... but majority rules!}

i think we packed over 330 boxes. yay us.

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