wip 12.3.11

i was a busy bee. i tackled the spare bedroom closet, {see post here} cleaned, went grocery shopping. also received a lot of our christmas shopping. i love the internet.

we were supposed to run the santa hustle. but when our alarm went off it was raining and cold. i can handle snow and cold. but rain and cold, not so much. so since it was just us we decided to not go. gave my mom an early morning phone call to cancel her babysitting but then we decided she would just come later in the day so nick and i could go christmas shopping. it was so nice! we knocked the majority of our list out in about three hours.

since we didn't go for the run, we were able to meet up with john and bill and the girls at the mall. got our super cute santa picture.

and a lazy evening of movies and string cheese. ;)

elfred made an appearance. brought ben a new book since he was such a good boy and took a picture with santa the day before.

then it was time to play in the laundry basket...

he even wanted to be changed on the basket. silly.

and he tried to tell us that was where he was going to take his nap. not his crib. 

a pretty low key weekend. ;-)

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