what the... friday

just some random 'wtf' thoughts from the past week.

- why can't the newspaper report that this lawsuit has been dropped? finally had a chance to chat with someone that teaches at lake central and got to hear what really happened. makes me sad that the newspaper so quickly reported this and then didn't follow up when it was dismissed.  how awful for those individuals to have their reputations tarnished, not to mention the bad publicity for the school. there is always two sides to every story. i wish more people would have waited to hear all of the facts rather than jump to conclusions and bad mouth those involved. {and if my information is wrong, sorry. i'm gonna kick my informant's ass! :P}

- what the heck is up with me going to the grocery store with my list and then not being able to understand my abbreviations. seriously?! i know that i regularly leave items off my list, or forget to get something on the list. but this is the first time that i couldn't understand my list!

- effing spam. i hate it. i have two email accounts, and one is overloaded with spam. it's horrendous. i finally decided to unsubscribe to all the emails individually. holy pain in the ass. and still i had over 75 unwanted emails in my inbox. today, finally, it's a manageable 25. ;)

- and why did i think i lost a toe nail the other day??

{sorry for the crappy picture. i was laughing hysterically and then chewy wanted in on the action.} apparently, my nail polish just peeled off. the whole freaking thing. strange. so i painted it again. and the next morning i wake up, and i'm missing it from two other nails. seriously?! what is that about? and no, i didn't accidentally buy the peel off kind. however, i did enjoy that when i was younger. and that was how i removed the nail polish from the eight remaining toes that were painted.

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