i'm sure the day was full of errands and cleaning. i've developed a nice little schedule.

that evening we headed to girl's night. well, nick crashed this month's outing. we were seeing breaking dawn. cindy needed to charge her phone. and nick broke his! {why we bought him a case i'll never know...}

movie was okay. the wolves talking to one another was a bit cheesy for my liking. but it wasn't terrible. i still prefer the books.

made a quick run into walmart. had heard one of the christmas gifts i was looking for might be there. so we thought it would be okay to brave it at nearly midnight on a friday night. um, no. that place is scary no matter what time of day. totally reminded me why i hate that store and why we never go there. oh how i wish i had my walmart bingo sheet when we were there. i wonder if random carts all in a row in the parking lot would have won the game for me.... there was no workers any where in site. seriously.

nick had to work.
ben and i enjoyed music hour. he would play music and i would dance around like a fool. it was great because when nick did get home, ben asked him to dance and then told him he was doing it wrong because it wasn't silly enough!

that evening we headed downtown to howl at the moon. met up with some friends. the place was soooo crowded. it was a bit disappointing. had a blast with the company though! was an early night. some of our friends took a limo up there and were drinking the whole way there and were kinda drunk by the time we arrived! one individual even got kicked out for being a not nice person. silly boy.

jen, shan, and john chilling outside.

bill drove home in nick's car. i was hot. he wasn't a fan of my feet being up on the console!

totally lazy day. i try so hard to make most of our sundays lazy. it's so nice to have some down time before starting the new week.
nick did work on the outside christmas lights, so he was a bit more productive than i was!

chewy is a fan of baths and showers. he likes to sit between the liners when we're in the shower. i'm pretty sure one day he's gonna end up in there with us. i hope it's nick and not me!

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