wip 12.10.11

my errand filled day. per usual.
also had ben's christmas program for school. the kids are always so cute. ben did great. he was a little dancing machine up on the stage and he rocked out to all the other classes performances. yay!

group photo before it started. we were there super early. had lots of time and got a few family shots.

didn't get to take it with the others that came because ben was back stage when they arrived. and would NOT cooperate afterwards.

went and had breakfast with santa. was put on by the town. not bad for less than $20 for all three of us. and ben got a stocking!

he did it! finally sat on his lap!

checking out all the loot in the stocking.

i think ben might have taken this one. i love a little jacob peeking out from behind the chocolate milk!

um, i think ben took a picture of mommy napping on the couch... {his finger gives it away!}

mr. cheesy face.

then we headed to raquel and ernesto's for their annual christmas party.

a shot of the girls. well, i don't know where alyson is...

hmm. maybe she only is around when there is liquor involved!

so glad i napped earlier. jamie and i are so very sleepy and trying to stay awake. maybe we shouldn't have hogged the couch!

i have no clue what is going on here. but val's face kills me!

headed home around 230am. oy. long day. but totally worth it. i haven't laughed that hard in ages.

i have no clue what ben was up to. he was insistent on hiding in the bathroom and then behind the tree. strange boy.

 i decided to clean out my sock drawer while nick was giving ben a bath. random, i know. but whatever. i've been really into doing mini projects as of late. {my bathroom closet is next!}

ben wouldn't let me get rid of the socks. and by get rid of, i mean, put in the basement in our goodwill pile. he wanted to play with them. {and zomg, did i have a lot of socks!}

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